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Things have slowly improved since my last big post.

I finished healing from the pneumonia, which was slow. I swear, it took the better part of 3 weeks to feel human. My stomach continues to be a little fucked from the antibiotics. (Out of 5 weeks, I was on antibiotics for over 3 of them--first 14days Augmentin, from the dog bite, second the 5 day Zithromax for pneumonia, then 7 days of Levaquin for the pneumonia when that didn't work.) For weeks, I just didn't want to eat. If I pushed my stomach, it returned everything to sender. (Jess and I went to dinner one night, and I came home and threw it all up--I was so pissed.)

It's started to be better, but I still don't have the appetite I did prior. I haven't had vomiting for a few weeks now, but I also haven't pushed it. Maybe I'm learning how to listen to my body after 43 years? Let's not get crazy here.

I started a new job in mid-September in the Ikea US Call Center. I went in for the interview, and shockingly, after I did the role play, and listened to someone take calls, they took me back into the conference room and put an offer letter on the table. It's about $1.25 less than I was making at the hospital, but it's less than 10 minutes away (vs 45 on a good day) and the benefits are pretty good. (Way better than Hopkins, which is kinda fucked up.) It won't be inbound calls, it'll be taking cases that the inbound call center created and calling the customer back and resolving their problems. I think it'll be a good fit, since I like: A. Helping people. It's not medicine, but it's still helping and B. Doing a little snooping around for an answer/solution. Google and I are good friends.

We'll be back on Cigna, which I loved when Jess was on it, and generic drugs will be $5. Downside, it won't kick in until December.

Despite having been paying $400/month at the pain management assholes, and having been patients for 14years, they wouldn't give us a month's grace to get our shit together, and refused to see us for our appointments without us paying in full for Jess, ($1000+) and another $300 for me. My primary care (who can be a fuck about some things-mostly weight related) agreed to write our pain meds until we get a new pain management doctor.

I'm really hoping that this'll be the beginning of better things and brighter skies. It would be a nice change.

Last weekend, Jess and I went to National Harbor down near DC. It was a gorgeous day--perfect temperatures, clear skies, not too horribly busy. It was good. They have the DC version of the Eye of London, The The Capital Wheel. Enclosed cars, mostly made of glass, right on the Potomac river with DC sprawling in the distance. The ride cost $15/person, but it was a good 10-15 minute spin.

Next time, I think we'll plan our ride for late sunset, because the view was gorgeous, but the sunset we saw from the pier later was amazing.

Definitely worth a romantic evening at one of the restaurants and a spin.
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