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Mine on the other hand, is an old Halloween themed carnival that everyone thinks is deserted, but they see lights and hear calliope music now and then.

My current insurance only will okay 15 ambien, which means that I get to pick which days I sleep per month. Do I use it as a work night thing? Do I use it on the days I sleep in and enjoy every bit of the sleep it can offer?

I've got my doctor's office working on a quantity override, but god knows if they'll consider "gets anxious about not sleeping, as it can cause migraines, and also, you know, it causes goddamn migraines" is an acceptable reason for taking it nightly, if they'd just let me pay for the other 15 pills out of pocket, I'd be thrilled.

This would be the same doctor who is having to write documentation that my crazy meds give me diarrhea. I know, gross, right? Normally, this would be annoying, but better than the other option, which is wildly swinging between hypomanic, numb and suicidal. I love my crazy pills, but I work in a call center, and they kind of expect you to be on the phone during your shift. Plus, we have a big shift selection coming up, and if I want any kind of shift I can live with, I'm going to need decent stats. If I can get that part of the score removed or loosened, it would be helpful. .

Okay, done with the gross shit now. I'm rereading Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant's Newsflesh series again, this time on Audible. It was my first introduction to the amazing worlds that she creates, and it'll probably always be my favorite. There are few things that make me smile like the phrases "My name is Georgia Mason, and I'm begging you, rise up while you can," or "Hey George, check this out." It has amazing, intricate worldbuilding, a twisty plot that seems even more prescient now than when it came out.

There's also a bunch of short stories and spinoffs, which is great. I want to live in the world of the Rising as much as I can. I already had all the other books on Audible, so I finally broke down and purchased the main series, too.

The thing that I like most of all about the author is that she can take valid criticism, and will adapt future writing to incorporate the changes. For instance, there's a character who is mentioned in Feed in a slut-shaming way by the lead character. People pointed it out, and So in the spinoff, that character was brought in, and she was awesome. A strong feminist character who made the choice to go into politics to make a difference for marginalized groups. A former exotic dancer who wielded her sexuality as a weapon. She was smart, calculating, and fucking amazing. And in doing so, it shows another side of the character who slut-shamed her, and how she related to women.

She also has a variety of races, sexualities and genders showcased in her stories. And one hard and fast rule: no rape. Some animal death, discussions of animal experimentation, but nothing that tweaks me out. I'm pretty sensitive about that.
If you haven't read it, I cannot rec it highly enough.


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