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1) What family traditions did your family have, while you were growing up?
Traditions have always been a fluid thing, but a few that I remember fondly: when we were little, we'd have Christmas at my grandparents. We lived a couple of blocks from them, and we were much closer than our cousins. In return, we were the favored grandchildren. On Christmas Eve,we'd go to a cousins house party, then we'd sleep at the grandparents house--one of us would sleep with each grandparent. (In retrospect, they were not a particularly happy couple, mostly because my grandfather was a bit of a narcissistic ass. He was a pretty awesome grandfather, but a really shit husband and father.) We'd get up early, and have a big breakfast, which of course, we didn't feel like eating. Then, my sister and I would stay impatiently upstairs while the grownups got themselves and their coffee settled in the basement, and got set up to document the whole orgiastic endeavor. We'd be called downstairs, to be blinded by flashes on the stairs so they could get that moment when we'd see what Santa had left. Throughout the morning, cousins and family friends would come visit, and the present bonanza would repeat. It was an over the top Norman Rockwell mess, and I'm forever grateful to my parents and grandparents for doing it.

Second, and maybe even better, sometimes in the summer, no real rhyme or reason when it would happen, we'd have water fights. Usually it started with my sister or I dripping the remnants of an empty glass on each other, or my parents. They'd retaliate and the fight was on. Sometimes, we would take it outside, but it was just as likely that it wouldn't. One of my fondest memories is of my sisters best friend., watching us like we were insane. She'd dumped a cup on me, but retreated to the sofa, assuming that she'd be safe, and we wouldn't wet the upholstery. That couch was damp and uncomfortable for a week afterwards, but it was totally worth it for the look on the friend's face when Mom launched the contents of a gallon bucket of cold water at her.

2) What new traditions have you established since becoming an adult? Most of our traditions have become more necessity based than any particular spiritual of family bonding. They revolve around who helps get Dad ready for bed, and who does which chore.

3) What tradition is most important to you in your current life? On Sunday and Monday, I get to sleep in. Jess gets up to watch Dad.

4) What traditions do you have for the current season (spring or fall, depending on where you live)? Spring, we watch for my grandmothers lilac to bloom, and smile wistfully as we sneeze at the sweet smell.

5) What traditions would you like to establish in the future? I'd like to get back into some form of religious practice. I kind of fell away from it when our coven disbanded. We're in suburbia, and there's not many open circles that I know of. Still, we have a big backyard with enough privacy that we could use it.
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